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AlphaNET Messaging Software enhances every aspect of electronic messaging–from sending and creating, to the editing of text, animations and graphics. AlphaNET software brings together all the essential tools for realizing the full potential of LED displays, with unique features that include: high-level capabilities for group messaging (via serial, modem, wireless or LAN network), an animation library and support for .GIF and .BMP files, calendar/date message scheduling, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop Pro (PSP), Site Manager, and Message Simulator, all within a useful and intuitive interface.

Create multiple messages to communicate special events, incentives, news, and congratulations that contain text with logos, graphics and animations. For added versatility and message enhancement, included is a unique counter feature to display the minutes, hours or days to an event or occasion.

  • Works with Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP and Vista.
  • Supports Unlimited Ethernet Adapters.
  • ActiveX Control for limited real-time data display.
  • Schedule messages to display at different times, locations, and days.
  • Includes 5 counters for displaying days, hours or minutes to an event.
  • Alphamation graphic library–hundreds of animations.
  • The Message Emulator allows previewing of messages before they are sent and displayed.
  • The Site Editor enables communication via wired, wireless, or LAN.
  • Modular LED design configurations enables fast delivery and easy installation.
  • Ooh!Media PC software editor & display emulator & Excite create the perfect out-of-home advertising solution.
  • DVI digital design for precise color reproduction without analog loss.
  • Wired, wireless Ethernet, Fiber Optic Ethernet or DSL /Cable modem.
Message Editor

Similar to a familiar word processor, allowing you to enter text and select from a variety of fonts and modes for message presentation. You may animate your messages with over 25 presentation modes. You may evan assign event thresholds by using the colors available for your specific sign!

Message Simulator

The Message Simulator is used to preview your messages, text, graphics and animations that you create right on your PC. Create your message and the Emulator will display characters in the exact size, color and position as defined by the sign model. The Message Emulator controls include the new Zoom feature for more precise placement of text and graphics.

Site Manager

At the heart of this robust LED sign software is the Site Manager that lets you establish a single or multiple network of displays attached to a local or remote display network. The Site Manager lets the user to associate a list of messages to one site or a group of sites through the powerful addressing feature, making each display unique in receiving transmissions. The extensive grouping feature will update signs only as necessary, thereby minimizing actual transmissions.


A built-in Diagnostic utility that tests the functions of a single sign or a series of signs on a display network. Diagnostics can transmit test messages and receive detailed information (serial address, firmware version, etc.) from one more signs. Features include: send message to all signs, send message to selected signs, broadcast a continuous message and query the display network.

Communications Manager

Communications Manager performs the proper tracking of message activity and logging message activity. Set log options for saving the log to file. Maintain logs of previous transmissions and report current activity. You may view previous transmissions logs for message verification and error checking at any time.

Animation Software

Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop features high-quality, easy-to-use creative effects, features, and optimization options. Create GIFs in one or hundreds of colors and animation effects.


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Add sizzle to your hourly/daily messages from a growing library of static and moving images that demand the attention of your drive-by audience.

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