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SALESCASTER LED Sign Fire Station & Rescue Applications

LED Digital communication networks used both indoor and out enhances and improves Fire station wide communication systems.

Salescaster Displays Corporation has partnered with Automated Protection Systems, Inc., a low voltage systems integrator that installs and maintains access control systems, camera systems, and intrusion systems. APS specializes in fire station alerting systems including integration with existing lighting and PA systems. Fire station alerting systems contain strobe lights, voice or tone generators to announce the event and volume controls that switch to maximum volume during the incident. Emergency phone lines can be integrated to provide an alert when ringing.

APS, Inc. provides CAD interfacing to display non-emergency information (training, road closures, meetings) on LCD and LED displays throughout the fire station. Existing LCD televisions with HDMI connections can be used to display emergency information. Our flexible LED signs can be mounted throughout the station (i.e. hallways and engine rooms) to display emergency and non-emergency information. LED signs can be of any size.

Labor is provided for installation through and onsite contractor or an APS supplied Electrical Contractor. APS will provide shop drawings, system review, final head end connections, programming, and end user training. All devices are off the shelf components including parts contained within the rack mounted alerting system and amplifiers.

Emergency mass evacuation systems can be designed by APS utilizing a combination of LCD monitors, LED signs and Public address systems. Automatic systems or manual buttons can set off systems. Audio descriptions of the planned exit are announced to provide a quick and orderly evacuation of the premise.

Salescaster and APS provides a one-stop shop for the fire station security and station alerting needs during new construction and renovations. A free on site station survey is available to provide the best solution for the individual fire station with over the shelf, non-proprietary components.

Communicate with Visual Impact:

* Light color and motion demand attention and produce results.
* Recognize students, staff, and faculty at targeted locations.
* Instantly update bus schedules at bus shelters and high traffic walkways.
* Wired or wireless networks expand network capabilities campus wide.
* Solid state LED displays provide energy efficient communications 24/7.

Contact a Salescaster representative 800 346-4474 today to learn how easy it is to use the power of LED EMCs to your advantage. We will provide you with a free site survey and ROI analysis based upon your particular location.

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